ShadowScripts gives you all of the tools you need to effectivley manage a HYIP, Private Investment Group, AutoSurf, Referral Program and much more. In addition to having the best software platform available, we can also provide our clients with a professional setup, dedicated software hosting, website/logo/banner design and ongoing technical support.

Stable Software Platform
Our HYIP management software is a result of years of evolving development and enhancements with a number of clients. Today, we are know to have the most stable and secure platform available.

Security Features
We have always developed our system with security in mind. A variety of security features exist such as IP change PIN with logging in, secondary passwords, and action logging.

Token System
Tokens are better know as “Ad Packs”, or “Investments”. You can add an unlimited number of tokens to the system with totally independent configurations for limits, expiry, earning days, etc.

Membership System
Memberships allow you to group members and give them properties such as earning amounts on tokens, commissions, etc. You can setup membership to be purchased and utilize the matrix system.

Integrates Into Website Template
The software can be integrated into virtually any web site template. Your members back office will match the style of the front end web site. We do this for you with our professional setup.

Support Ticket Manager
The software has a complete support ticket system build into it. It support canned responses, and the assignment of tickets to other administrators. We help you keep your support organized.

Withdrawal Request Suite
We provide a comprehensive, organized suite to process members withdrawal requests. Process mass pay files, or use the auto pay API features if you choose.

Manual & Auto Surf
Our system can be setup as a manual or auto surf if needed. Members will add sites to a surfing loop, and browser a set number of other sites each day to earn.

Member Management Suite
Administrators have complete managment tools for individual members. Edit their account, run reports, view security logs and more. Take control of your members.

Charts & Reporting
Stay on top of your system with our charts and reports that can be run. Watch your cashflow, track program growth, and balance your processors.

Matrix Managment
If you are using the Matrix or Re-Cycler feature, you will have a full collapsable tree view of your matrix. Tools are available to manage the spots and positions.

Administration Help Manual
Our HYIP Management software comes with an administration help manual. This can be referenced at any time to give you instructions on how to use the system.

Our Full Feature List:

Administration Panel:

Member Management
  • View members online
  • Search members
  • Add new member
  • Search for duplicate IP addresses
Edit Member
  • General summary
  • View balances, recent deposits/withdrawals & active tokens
  • Accounting summary, refinable by date range
  • Browse transaction history with date and search parameters
  • View & edit stored processor accounts and linked bank accounts
  • Browse security log of member actions
  • Browse through tokens with date and search parameters
  • View & edit membership settings
  • View & add credits to account
  • Edit all stored member details such as name, email, password, etc
  • Store administrator notes per member
  • Delete a member from the system
  • Directly log into a members account as that member
Support Ticket Suite
  • View & search tickets
  • Open, close & delete tickets
  • Assign ticket
  • Reply to ticket
  • Canned responses
Admin Accounts
  • Add, edit & remove access control levels (ACL)
  • Assign, and unassign members to administration ACLs
System Summary
  • Track program growth, total tokens, fees collected, and subscriptions sold
  • Track member summaries on a global basis, including total credits & debits
  • View a break down of current member balances by processor
  • Generate charts to track your growth and cashflow
  • Show the top 25 referrers and top 25 active token holders
Currency Exchanger
  • Allows members to move exchange funds from one currency to another
  • Administrator can set specific transfers to be enabled, and fees
Matrix Manager
  • View your entire system matrix in an expandable tree view
  • See each member that is in a position, and what membership they have if any
  • Tools to insert spot, switch spot, re-position spot, and delete spot
ROI Override
  • Allows the administrator to override earnings for a specific token type
  • With this, you can pay interest based on real trading results
Token Transaction
  • Manually run functions to pay interest, create a token, or expire token
  • Can process on multiple tokens at once
  • Option to count manual earning as the days earning
Bank Transaction
  • Manually run functions on the internal bank system
  • Run a detailed deposit, withdrawal, or transfer
  • The bank system holds all member balances and accounting information
Database Backup
  • Run a database backup of your system on demand
Pending Deposits
  • Optional feature that allows deposits coming in to go through an approval state
  • Once the admin approves the deposit, the funds are available to the member
Pending Cashouts
  • Full management system to process cashout requests
  • Outputs a mass pay batch file
  • Can utilize auto pay API functionality
Principle Requests
  • Option that allows members to cancel active tokens, and receive their original principle back
  • Shows pending token principle requests
  • Once a request is approved by administration, the token principle amount is added to the members cash balance
Bank Wire Deposits
  • Manage a list of incoming bank wire deposits
  • Built in wire memo system for tracking
  • Approve bank wires and the funds will be available in the members wallet.
Member Bank Accounts
  • Browse the member’s bank accounts added
  • Delete member’s bank accounts
  • Approve and reject member’s bank accounts
Uploaded Docs
  • Require members to upload certain documents such as ID, or utility bill
  • Browse documents that have been uploaded by members
  • Approve, reject and delete documents
Web Sites
  • Browse all of the web sites that have been added to the system
  • Quick view of total credits allocated to each site
Premium Ads
  • Premium ads are viewed before regular surfing begins
  • Configure premium ads price, run time, slots, and back order slots
  • Add a premium ad
  • Browse, approve and reject premium ads that have been purchased by members
Banners / Text Ads
  • Browse all ad spaces in the system
  • Configure each ad space, allow purchasing, price and run time, slots and back order slots
  • Add, approve, reject and delete member added banners
Custom Web Pages
  • Add custom pages directly to the software
  • Adds menus into the system automatically
  • Can restrict pages to membership requirements
Mass Emailer
  • Send out emails from the system
  • Send to all members, specific list, or based on membership type
  • Ability to store a default template
  • HTML capable
Email Template
  • Edit any email template the system uses
  • Multiple variables available for customization
Affiliate Tools
  • Administrator can add banners, email templates, articles, and pdfs members can share
  • The share links given to members have their referral codes embedded
News Manager
  • Simple news system to post updates to your members
  • Add, edit and delete news entries
  • Members see the news entries on their dashboard
F.A.Q. Manager
  • Add all of your programs F.A.Q.s to the system
  • Add, edit and delete F.A.Q. entries
Terms of Agreement
  • Store your programs terms of agreement
  • Used in various areas of the software
Transaction History
  • Browse all of the systems transaction history
  • Search by date, type, processor, member ID and transaction ID
Cashout History
  • Browse all of the systems cashout request history
  • Search by date, type, status, processor, member ID and cashout ID
Browse Tokens
  • Browse all of the tokens that are in the system
  • Search by date, type, processor, status, member ID and token ID
Profit Share History
  • Browse information on your profit share daily totals if applicable
  • Summary searchable by date span
  • Shows total admin profits, lifetime admin profits, and current reserve
Member Security Log
  • Browse through member actions such as login, create cashout, etc
  • All activities are tracked by IP address
  • Search by date, IP address, action and member ID
Member Spreadsheet
  • Download a CSV spreadsheet of all of your members and their information

Members Panel:

Account Dashboard
  • Quick links to commonly used items such as purchase tokens and request cashout
  • News and updates displayed on dashboard
  • List account username and ID
  • Shows the referral URL
  • Tells the member if the have a subscription
  • Current balance of wallet, cashbalance, and pending cashouts
  • Sum of current active ad packs
  • Recent items in the security log
News & Updates
  • Browse all news entries
Start Surfing
  • Bring up the surfing window
  • If premium ads are configured, they will be displayed first
  • The member must surf the set number of sites a day to earn
My Downline
  • View all members you have referred
  • Total amount of commission earned
Fund Wallet
  • Select the processor to use for the deposit
  • Auto calculates deposit amount less fees
  • Shows any pending deposits
Request Cashout
  • Total available cash balance
  • Select processor balance to withdrawal from
  • Withdrawal to processor account, or back to wallet
  • Auto calculates withdrawal fees
  • Shows any pending cashout requests
Currency Manager
  • View wallet and cash balances broken down by processor
  • Exchange funds from one pool to another
  • Secondary password is required
  • Edit basic contact information
  • Edit processor accounts
  • Change primary password
  • Additional member preference settings
  • Ends the current session
Add Token
  • Total active token summary
  • Select token type to purchase
  • Auto calculates the total cost and credits if applicable
  • Select the wallet processor balance to make the payment
Add Membership
  • Shows if you have an active membership already
  • Select membership type to purchase
  • Auto calculates the total cost
  • Select the wallet processor balance to make the payment
Add Premium Ad
  • Allows member to purchase premium ad slots if applicable
  • Premium ads are shown before a member can start surfing
  • Gives a summary of ad space configuration: spots available, run length, total cost
  • Select the wallet processor balance to make the payment
  • Specify the web site title and URL
Add Banners / Text Ads
  • Allows member to purchase banner spaces that have been setup by the administrator
  • Select the ad position desired
  • Gives a summary of ad space configuration: spots available, run length, total cost
  • Select the wallet processor balance to make the payment
  • Specify the ad type, banner image, etc
My Tokens
  • View summary on all tokens
  • Search by date, type, processor, status, and token ID
  • Summary of token information, amount earned, last earned date, etc
  • Can request principle back on token if applicable
My Web Sites
  • Lists all web sites that have been added to the surfing loop
  • Shows their credits allocate and average rating if applicable
  • Add a new web site to the system
My Premium Ads
  • Lists the current premium ads purchased
My Banners / Text Ads
  • Lists the current banners / text ads purchased
  • Views and click counter
My Bank Accounts
  • Lists bank accounts that have been added to the account
  • Add, view and delete bank accounts
Rating History
  • Shows surfing sites views, premium ad views, and average rating of sites viewd on a daily basis
  • Search by date range
Wallet Transfers
  • Send money from the wallet to another members wallet
  • Optional feature
My Cashouts
  • Browse through cashout requests
  • Search by date, type, status, processor and cashout ID
Account Summary
  • View account credit and debit breakdown
  • Seach by date
  • Generate multiple charts with data
Transaction History
  • Browse all transaction history items
  • Seach by date, type, processor and transaction ID
Security Log
  • Browse all security log items
  • Seach by date, IP address and action
  • GeoIP tracking links
Generate Statement
  • Generates a basic account statement in PDF format
  • Filterable by date
Email My Downline
  • Optional feature that allows member mass emailing to their downline
Affiliate Tools
  • Browse banners, email ads, articles and pdfs that have referral codes embedded in them
  • These tools can be sent out to build downlines by referral
  • Browse F.A.Q.s the administrator has added to the system
Terms Of Agreement
  • Review the programs terms of agreement at any time
Support Tickets
  • Open a new ticket
  • Set the category, priority, subject and body
  • Browse and search for existing tickets
  • Reply to ticket, close ticket, re-open ticket and delete ticket

Configuration Options:

General Settings
  • Set company name, token label, wallet label, etc
  • Toggle showing members commission earned
  • Email based username option
  • Default referrer
  • Require email activation
  • Incremental or random member ID assignment
  • Toggle to show news feed on members dashboard
  • Email a verfication code when logged on with different IP from last session
  • Toggle member ability to generate statements
  • Toggle password strength indicator on signup page
  • Toggle members ability to email their downlines
  • Forgot password tools
  • Set custom company logo for administrator / default skin
Token Configuration
  • Tokens are items members can purchase, then earn a return on
  • Tokens can only be purchase with the members wallet
  • Toggle use of the token system
  • Define unlimited types of tokens
  • Create new token type from existing token type template
  • Profit share options available
  • Use a unit based system or dollar amount token system
  • Options defined on a per token basis:
    • Set token name
    • Toggle of token is available for purchase
    • Set the price per unit if applicable
    • Surfing credits awarded per unit purchased
    • Toggle surfing to earn requirement settings
    • Expire tokens on a specific ROI, number of days, or never
    • Set the earning frequency, such as monday through friday
    • Monthly ROI cap
    • Hold token earnings until token expiry
    • Allow original principle to be requested back after a set number of days
    • Option to automatically return the original principle on token expiry
    • Minimum and maximum purchase amounts
    • Require active token amounts to make purchase
    • Set a total limit for overall tokens of a specific type per member
    • Require a defined list of membership types required to purchase the token
Membership Configuration
  • Memberships are configuration definitions that apply to groups of members
  • There is always a default “No Membership” level that can be configured
  • The membership system can be toggled
  • Define unlimited types of memberships
  • Create new membership type from existing membership type template
  • Require a membership to cashout
  • Require a membership to directly refer new member
  • Auto renew options
  • Define if only one membership or multiple memberships can be purchased
  • Options defined on a per membership basis:
    • Membership name
    • Toggle if it can be purchased by members
    • Define setup fee, monthly fee, and how many days the member is valid for
    • Matrix fast start and payout structure
    • Limit maximum active tokens
    • Set ROI definitions broken down by token type
    • Pay ROI on a static system, cycled system, or profit share
    • The ROI can always be override by admin, broken down by membership type, then by token
    • Define commission structure on tokens purchased by referred members
    • Define earning structure on a per token basis
    • Define earning structure up to 30 levels deep
    • Leave the cashout button on everyday, turn it off, or set a list of days cashouts are available
    • Option to limit members to one cashout a month
    • Define surfing requirements if applicable
    • Set the total sites the member can add to the surfing loop
    • Feature to auto-approve new sites added to the surfing loop
    • Define how many sites must be surfed to earn for the day
    • Define how long each site must be surfed
    • Set a maximum number of sites that can be viewed in one day
    • Auto surf and manual surf options
    • Award credits for surfing sites
    • Toggle premium ads before suring starts
    • Set the number of premium ads that must be watched, and how long
    • Override any of the defined token types configurations
    • Override any payment processor setting (fees, limits, enabled)
Signup Settings
  • Define which fields are required
  • Age verification feature
  • Invitation code for private programs
  • Inactive member boot option
Require Documents
  • Require drivers license upload
  • Require utility bill upload
  • Require W-9 Upload
  • Set URL to custom W-9 document
  • Require W-8 Upload
  • Set URL to custom W-8 document
  • Require NDA Upload
  • Set URL to custom NDA document
Disable Actions
  • Toggle disable signups
  • Toggle disable wallet funds
  • Toggle disable purchase tokens
  • Toggle disable purchase membership
  • Request Cashout
Path & URL
  • Define full URL of your website
  • SSL compatable
  • Redirect all traffic to https
  • Optional landing page URL
  • Define custom member referal URL format
  • Toggle matrix system
  • Standard or forced matrix placement options
  • Define matrix width
  • Place member in matrix on initial signup or membership purchase
  • Boot expired members from matrix after set threshold
  • Define matrix height
Site Rating
  • Toggle surfing feature
  • Enable members to see how many site views they received
  • Eanble a left pane in the surfing screen for ad space
  • Define the default surf site URL
  • Toggle credit auto allocation feature
  • Define free credits on signup
  • Works with Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money, Payza, PexPay, OKPAY, EgoPay,
  • Toggle processors as deposit and withdrawal options for members
  • Define minimums, maximums, fee percent, and fee dollars on a per processor basis
  • Compatible with mass pay and auto pay features
  • Withdrawal funds from cash balance back to wallet for more purchases
  • Toggle member to member fund transfers with fees
  • Toggle recycler feature
  • Define the number of referrals needed to recycle
Currency Streams
  • Toggle currency stream based accounting
  • Toggle currency manager for members to see a breakdown of their wallet and cash balance
  • Toggle currency exchange function for members
  • Toggle wallet to cash balance exchanges
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