AJ HYIP General Feature
AJ HYIP makes the tasks of administering an HYIP program a snap. We built AJ HYIP from the grounds up with ease of use (for both the admin and users) in mind. Our script is by far the most feature-rich Hyip Script you will find on the market, some of our exclusive features are Global Features


  • HOT FREE & Paid Pre built Templates
  • All Web Browser Compatibility.
  • Provides WYSIWYG editor.
  • Web based setup wizard.
  • Easy installation script. No editing of the php source files! Upload and install with easy.
  • Turing image for verification. It will stop brute force scripts from hacking passwords.
  • Protects from Hackers.
  • Flash Header (Available on Demand)
  • Logo Design (Available on Additional Cost)
  • Flash Intro (Available on Additional Cost)

Payment Gateways

  • Payment Settings to accept almost any of the Payments.
  • Int-Gold Enabled.
  • Stormpay Enabled.
  • Money bookers enabled.
  • Wire Transfer Enabled.
  • Add your new Payment gateways and return values whenever necessary.
  • Admin has the privilege to edit/delete the payment gateways at any time.


  • Flexible template system allows you to easily change design.
  • 10 different types of Site Style Templates.
  • Painless selection of Site templates.

Easily computes possible profits
AJ HYIP takes care about all calculation details. You don’t need to waste your time inventing and testing spreadsheet formulas. Specify a few settings you accustomed to in the HYIP arena, and the software will do the rest.

Suitable for every investment opportunity
No matter how complex the investment conditions are, you can still take advantage of AJ HYIP. It supports partial compounding, manual withdrawals, special payout schedules and so much more. Our unique calculation engine offers the great flexibility and simplicity which cannot be achieved using spreadsheets.

Tracks payments received and deposits
AJ HYIP allows you to register amounts you receive to or spend from your accounts. Not only this lets you estimate overall profit or loss; you can also understand how good your investment portfolio is performing in the real life compared to the “ideal” forecast calculated by the software.

Stores web links and more
Web links, logins, passwords, account numbers, comments and so on can be stored within AJ HYIP. This makes it the central storage of all HYIP-related information you have. Using AJ HYIP, you can open web sites in your favorite browser and quickly copy to the clipboard logins and passwords. This greatly simplifies examining your web-based internal HYIP accounts.

Completely secure
AJ HYIP does not contain any components that use Internet connection (you can check this by any firewall you like.) This guarantees that your data remains undisclosed to anyone. Also, our software uses the encrypted database, so even if somebody steals the files, he won’t be able to avail of your data. More than that, AJ HYIP allows you to make password-protected backup copies of the database. In case of any trouble (e.g. hard disk failure), you will be able to restore your valueable data.

Convenient interface and comprehensive documentation
The user interface is carefully designed to let you perform all tasks as fast as possible. The documentation consists of the online help and user manual which contain detailed explanations of AJ HYIP conceptions and procedures accompanied with concrete usage examples.

Rich Text Format Mail
RTF will help the administrator to send his mail text exactly which he prepares for his user. Ordinary text format will not accept the color or some font in the mail text. But RTF will reflect the same text matter to the user.

Advanced Statistics
AJ HYIP will provide information that will allow the web master to analyze traffic on their web site. It will cover the basics including an analysis of the logs as well as information about the current statistics. The site statistics which is displayed in the user side can be editable by the administrator and he can modify the “Site Started” details and the “Last Update” details.

Bonus or Penalty
The bonus scheme deals the claims experience of individual user and provides an incentive for outstanding safety performance. Administrator can issue penalty for the users who are in illegal process. This totally controlled by the administrator.
AJ HYIP User Features

  • Fully customizable site design.
  • Preformatted Site Design Templates.
  • Attractive Home Page.
  • Detailed information of Site Statistics.
  • Simple Header and Footer for ease use of site.

Registration Features

  • Easy Registration with Turing Image.
  • Secure Member Login.
  • Supports Turing Code facility.
  • Member Login home page displays the full information of Account details.
  • Change Password facility.
  • Update Profile Information.

Deposit Features

  • Separate link to view the entire plan information.
  • Displays the available plan schemes in the home page.
  • View the deposit details with all the payment gateways.
  • Separate pages for viewing the details of New Deposits, Active Deposits, Matured Deposits and Released Deposits.
  • View the deposit details with interest in a separate page.
  • Easy and effective Payment deposits can be made.
  • Multiple Payment Gateway support.
  • Supports Currency Exchange.
  • Auto Re-Invest Deposit.
  • Withdrawal and Referral Features
  • View Withdrawal information.
  • Supports the function of sending withdraw request to Admin.
  • Simple and Fast Fund Transfer functionality to the other user accounts.
  • Displays withdrawal details based on the Pending and the Paid out withdrawals.
  • View the down line list of referrals.
  • Displays the total commission earnings attained for the referrals.
  • Separate link in the Footer to manage the Affiliates.
  • Lists the affiliate level commissions. (Meridian)

Special Features

    • Facilitates Polling functionality (Prime and Acme).
    • Attractive Welcome Message.
    • Simple description about How it Works? (Meridian).
    • New! Easy selection of themes by user itself. (Acme).
    • Highlights Latest News in the home page. (Prime).
    • Provides Quick links to Affiliates, to view Articles, plans and forums.
    • Provides Interest Calculator for every plan.
    • Accepts unlimited number of articles.
    • Displays articles with full information.
    • Effective search engine to view the articles.
    • List the articles by sorting it in ascending or descending.
    • User can view the forums posted with all its details.
    • Contact Us form to send request to Admin.
    • Supports Tell a Friend Function.
    • Lists the bonus given by Admin to User.
    • Separate link to view the Bonus and Penalty.
    • Adding advertisement banners to be displayed.
    • Viewing FAQ added by Admin.
    • Automatic email notification for tell a friend.

AJ HYIP Admin Features
General Features

  • PHP based script with MySQL database
  • Easy to use and easy to install script
  • Mass payment capability
  • Additional investing modules
  • Manage rate, account, payment
  • Send message to users
  • Referral system included
  • Daily, weekly, monthly investment plan
  • Easy to maintain and to administer


  • Advanced and Easy Site Settings to enable the features to be added in the site.
  • Secure Login.
  • Enables Turing Code Facility.
  • Change Password facility.
  • Separate tool for Sub Admin Management.
  • Web tool to Block IP.
  • Facilitates Hit Counter.
  • Highly developed Database Settings.
  • Data Tool to Re set the Database.(Different types of tools to manage the entire HYIP. )
  • General Settings.
  • Member Management Tools.
  • Money Management Tools.
  • Mail Management Tools.
  • Content Management Tools
  • Affiliate Management Tools.
  • Mandatory tool for Sign up settings.
  • To manage the logo for the company.
  • Assigning Email ID for Admin.
  • Detailed Dash Board various controls.
  • Displaying Site Information in the Dash Board.
  • Advanced Site Statistics.
  • Entering Meta Keywords Facility.
  • 14 separate tools to manage the HYIP activities.
  • Separate Settings to view Admin Earnings.
  • Admin Earnings will be displayed based on the Commissions set for withdrawals made by every member, released deposit and much more.
  • Export almost all the activities like User Information, Withdrawal Details and Deposits Details to CSV

Investment Plans

  • Unlimited/Customizable investment plans.
  • Facility to add unlimited number of plan schemes to be used.
  • Unlimited payout’s plans (daily / weekly / bi-weekly / monthly / yearly / after specified period)
  • Users can transfer funds to other users’ accounts inside the system.
  • Mass payout support.
  • Manage New, Active, Matured and Released Deposits through various pages.
  • Admin has the authority to activate/suspend/delete the deposits.
  • Manage Deposit Plans.
  • Deposit Schemes supports both Simple and Compound interest.
  • Supports Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly deposits of periodic types.
  • Supports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly interests for periodic types.
  • Admin can release the deposit or part of it.
  • Admin can set the separate Payment Gateway for Commission. (Prime)
  • Supports Manual Deposit Function.
  • Admin can deposit the amount for any user through admin panel itself.
  • Detailed information of the deposits made by the users in a grid format.

User Management

  • Easy navigation of Member Management Tool.
  • Admin can add unlimited number of users directly through Admin Panel.
  • Advanced Search Engine to find the users easy and effective.
  • Displays Active, Suspended, New, Unverified and Duplicate IP Users in the separate pages.
  • Admin has the authority to update/delete the details of users any time.
  • Send penalties and bonuses to one user or to the user group.

Mail Features

  • Automated Administrator Email notifications for every action.
  • Admin can update the email description at any time.
  • Admin can cancel the email notifications.
  • Send a mail to one user or to all users at a time.
  • Send Newsletter to all users at a time.
  • Updating Mail Templates.

Withdrawal Features

  • Supports Auto Withdrawals.
  • Withdraw information in the Dash Board.
  • Can set the separate commission amount for every withdrawal.
  • Can set the fund Transfer Commission to be paid for Admin.
  • Separate pages for Pending Withdrawal and the amount withdrawn till now.
  • Withdraw or cancel withdrawal request.
  • Administrator can set the withdrawal as processed without payment.
  • View the fund transfer details.

Referral Features

  • Setting the levels for referral, Entering ID numbers for all payment gateways.
  • Separate Level Settings tool to manage the level commissions.
  • Admin has the privilege to add number of levels and commissions for all the levels.
  • Admin can modify/delete the level commission values whenever necessary.

Special Features

  • Multi levels referral program. Up to 10 levels.
  • Transaction history is available.
  • Adding any number of Advertisement plans.
  • Adding banners for the Advertisement plans.
  • View the Advertisement Plans which are added New, Approved and Suspended in separate pages.
  • Tool to manage FAQs.
  • 13 different types of tools to manage contents in the site.
  • Separate tool to manage Articles.
  • Admin can view the articles based on the currently showing articles in the website and the articles that are In-active in the website.
  • Admin can add unlimited number of articles to be shown.
  • Admin can view the featured articles separately based the articles that are showing and not showing in the website.
  • Admin has the right to delete the articles whenever necessary.
  • Adding the content for Art of Money Making using the HTML editor.
  • Adding the unlimited number of polling questions to be displayed.
  • Polls will be displayed based on the active and In-Active polls in the Website.
  • Admin has the benefit to update/delete the polls whenever necessary.
  • Facility to activate/suspend the polls.
  • Facility to view the result of every poll.
  • Simple tool to Change the Footer Content.
  • Supports functionality to add unlimited number of forums about the site.
  • Facilitates Admin to Update/Delete the forums.
  • Adding unlimited number of latest news to be displayed.
  • Viewing the latest news based on the news that are currently showing and not showing.
  • Admin can update/delete the latest news.
  • Admin has the privilege to activate/suspend the latest news.
  • Adding content for About Us page.
  • Separate tool to add content for How it Works? Page.
  • Adding content for Investor Info page.
  • Adding content for Welcome Page and Terms and Conditions page.
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